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Goldstein: Embattled Wedding Photog Gets Busted

A wedding photographer exposed in a CBS 2 News undercover investigation has been busted. He's accused of stealing memories of newlyweds by not delivering pictures. Now a judge wants him behind bars. Investigative Reporter David Goldstein has the story.

"An arrest warrant."

The judge ordered him arrested.


Set bail at $100,000 for the wedding photographer who didn't show up to face the charges.

"That's an incredibly difficult shot at the Mission Inn."

Three years ago, we went undercover to expose Alan Brent Carruth, who ran Alan Brent Photography.

"It takes the album company about 3-4 weeks to deliver the albums."

He claimed to deliver pictures in just weeks... but we heard from outraged newlyweds and their parents -- who claimed he took thousands of dollars -- never delivered.

"I would not risk my daughter's wedding to an ---hole like you!"

"How many more victims have appeared so far?"

Now the city attorney has heard from the victims and filed charges.

"It's about time. Because he hurt a lot of people."

Marisa Edwards hired Alan Brent back in 2005.

"This is the last picture I had with my father," she recalls.

We told her story in our original investigation -- of how her dying father Warren walked her down the aisle -- she never received all the pictures that she wanted to have.

"I was not able to accomplish that and I lost my father."

The pain is still there.

"It hurts. Like right now. There isn't a time I can't tear up about it."

The city attorney has, so far, filed eight counts of grand theft -- eight newlyweds who claim they've been ripped off. But they say every day they receive more and more complaints.

For deputy city attorney, Onica Cole it hits home. "I just got married about seven months ago, so this is something near and dear to my heartand I can sympathize with witnesses coming forward."

For now, the judge is recommending Carruth be thrown in jail -- and couples who are long past being newlyweds -- looking for justice after having their memories stolen.

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