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'My Life Changed So Quick': Girl Who Fell Into Fire Pit Reunited With Firefighter Who Helped Her

NEWPORT DUNES (CBSLA) — Tonight the girl burned by a fire pit recounted the terrifying moments as she fell onto the steel fire pit early Saturday morning on a YMCA father-daughter camping trip at Newport Dunes.

"I really wasn't thinking that something like that would happen," said Charlotte Chapin, 10. "My life changed so quick."

She has second and third degree burns up her legs and back and her wrist to prove it.

Another dad pulled her out immediately. The dad, off duty firefighter Mike Heddleston, jumped into action. He knew the only thing to treat Chapin with was luke warm purified water. He never left her side.

"I'm glad he was there to help treat me when I was in so much pain," said Chapin.

Tonight Heddleston and his daughter came to visit Chapin for the first time since the accident.

The aspiring ballerina doesn't know when she'll dance again or play. But she does know if her life changed for the worst in one moment then why can't a miracle happen in the next?

"I've asked myself why this happened to my precious little girl and I think God has big plans for this child," said Charlotte's mother Karen.

Charlotte goes back into surgery on Thursday to see how the skin grafts are taking. It's unclear just what kind of mobility she will have in the future.

The director of Newport Dunes said that it is the first accident like this that he has ever heard of on the property.

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