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Federal Quarantine Ends For First Evacuees From China Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) — The 14-day federal quarantine ended Tuesday for nearly 200 people who were evacuated out of the coronavirus zone in China and taken to March Air Reserve Base in Riverside County.

None of the 195 people who were on the first evacuation flight out of China tested positive for the virus, although there were a couple of scares involving children who were part of the group.

Personnel in biological hazard suits await passengers evacuated from Wuhan, the Chinese city at the heart of a growing outbreak of the deadly 2019 Novel Coronavirus shortly after the plane landed at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, California on January 29, 2020. - Some 200 US citizens evacuated from Wuhan were met on the tarmac by emergency vehicles and three buses. The Department of Defense said the evacuees will be sent to local hospitals if they are suspected of being infected with the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. The epidemic has killed more than 130 people and spread around the world since it first emerged in a live food market in Wuhan in December. (Photo by Matt HARTMAN / AFP) (Photo by MATT HARTMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

"People who have not developed symptoms will have successfully completed their quarantine and will be free to leave the base," Riverside County public health officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser said. "To date, no one has tested positive for novel coronavirus among the 195 in quarantine. Two individuals with symptoms were re-tested and also found to be negative, and they since recovered."

Pro athlete Jarred Evans, who was among the 195 evacuated, said the first thing he plans to do is go home to New York and give his mother a big hug because she has been worried about him. But he also says being released from quarantine is bittersweet.

"All my friends are back in Wuhan, and it's not getting any better at this time," he said. "It hurts me to say that I'm able to come home to my family and be in a safe situation, while those back home in Wuhan are still dealing with this virus."

The number of people who have died from coronavirus topped a thousand worldwide, and health officials confirmed the 13th U.S. case in San Diego County, which is also the seventh case in California. That person is reportedly a San Diego County resident who was on one of the flights recently evacuated from China, and taken to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, where they were placed in a 14-day federal quarantine.


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