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FBI Raids Pico-Robertson Home For Hazardous Materials

LOS ANGELES ( — Police, state and federal agents raided a home in the Pico-Robertson area Thursday as part of an investigation into hazardous materials being sent through the mail, authorities said.

Officers said they raided the apartment on Alcott Street around 3:30 p.m. Police did not say what types of materials they were searching for, although there was a bomb technician on the scene just in case.

Officials said the FBI is part of a joint investigation among multiple agencies, including the the United States Postal Inspection Service, the law-enforcement arm of the Postal Service. All three agencies served a search warrant for the home.

The entire building and surrounding residences were evacuated as a precaution as investigators cleared the scene of any potentially dangerous substances and agents, and officers combed the area with large guns.

"We saw a couple Army Humvees with soldiers get out with rifles. It was very frightening," said neighbor Lori Brown.

Three people were arrested.

Neighbors said the men had been in the home about four months and that they had no suspicions they were up to no good.

"You wonder how it can happen right under your nose and not know that anything was happening five houses down," said neighbor Jennifer Isaac.

According to the LAPD, they had a warrant to search the home on the 8500 block of Alcott Street near La Cienega. When they got to the scene, they determined there were hazardous materials in the home and called in the bomb squad.

Though an FBI agent was wearing a Joint Terrorism Task Force jacket, the LAPD said there is no indication this is terrorism-related.

But in light of recent terror attacks around the world, neighbors said they are on the edge.

"It's very scary right now," said Brown. "I hate to be the one to walk around and be fearful and look over my shoulder, but I feel like now I have to."

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