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Drivers Headed To Vegas For Thanksgiving Roll The Dice On Traffic

FONTANA ( — Drivers headed to Las Vegas are hoping traffic is light as many are traveling by road this Thanksgiving.

Late Wednesday, traffic conditions on the 15 Freeway were less than ideal as was the drive for those headed back to Los Angeles.

"I've been up and down this pass 100 times in my life, and I dread it every time," motorist Ileen Vergillio told KCAL9's Crystal Cruz.

James Sanders, who was driving to L.A., said: "Normally coming through there usually [takes] an hour and a half and it took us like three hours to come through there, and it was really horrible."

According to the experts, a major vacation destination this Thanksgiving is Las Vegas.

But whether it's for the jackpots, to see family or for the buffets, drivers should expect lots of company on the roads.

According to AAA, millions of people like Molly Magnuson are traveling by road, taking advantage of what the Auto Club says are the lowest gas prices in five years.

"We are going to Mammoth, hiking, taking our dog on the first trip to the mountains," Magnuson said.

Experts advise drivers returning Sunday to start their drive either extremely early or late in the day.

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