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Dr. Sheri Meyers Discusses Difference Between Chatting, Cheating

STUDIO CITY ( — Dr. Sheri Meyers stopped by KCAL9 Friday to discuss the different forms and signs of cheating and to talk about her book, "Chatting or Cheating: How to Detect Infidelity, Rebuild Love and Affair-Proof Your Relationship".

She will discuss:

• EMOTIONAL CHEATING: Why is "emotional cheating" causing so many breakups in this country?

• FROM CHATING TO CHEATING: How can you tell when your partner's (or your own) friendship is crossing the line? What are the most common infidelity warning signs to look out for?

• CYBER CHEATING: Is online cheating really cheating? What about porn?

• AFFAIR-PROOFING YOUR RELATIONSHIP: What are the relationship vulnerabilities that lead to cheating?

• SPOTTING A CHEATER ONLINE: With Facebook, Twitter, Forums and meet-up groups, it's easy to strike up a friendship. How do you spot a cheater?

• IS IT LOVE OR DOPAMINE? How are the chemicals produced by love (and affairs) like drugs?

• CAUGHT! If you suspect your partner is cheating, what is the best way to confront him or her? What kinds of reactions should be expected?

• BODY LANGUAGE LIE DETECTION: How can I tell if my partner is telling me the truth or lying?

• CONFESSING TO INFIDELITY: Is it better to confess before getting caught? Are there reasons NOT to confess?

• FORMER LOVERS AS FRIENDS: Can a physical affair go back to being a platonic friendship?

• THE AFFAIR IS OVER...NOW WHAT? Can a relationship survive after the discovery of an affair? Can I ever really trust my partner again?

For more information, visit Chatting or Cheating

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