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Disgruntled Voters Cast Write-In Ballot For 'Sweet Meteor O'Death' For President

LOS ANGELES ( - It's Election Day and you're still undecided on who to vote for? You may want to consider throwing your support behind an apocalyptic meteor.

Some voters took to social media Tuesday to share photos of their preferred write-in candidate: "Sweet Meteor O' Death 2016", or SMOD 2016 for short.

The parody campaign started in Dec. 2014 with a Twitter page devoted to the self-described "Precambrian Conservative" candidate with a description which reads, "Ready to Make an Impact, Tough on Putin & Iran, I'll probably destroy all Earthly life."

They - it? - even released a full-length campaign ad on the SMOD 2016 Facebook page celebrating the conclusion of the 2016 presidential campaign - and "an end to the madness".

With many voters expressing their dislike for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, momentum for the SMOD 2016 write-in vote has gone viral in the weeks leading up to Tuesday's election.

In response to its newfound popularity, SMOD 2016 released only a brief statement.

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