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Dean Strang: Sweat DNA Evidence Left Out Of 'Making A Murderer'

LOS ANGELES (  — The prosecution claimed investigators located Steven Avery's sweat DNA underneath the hood of Teresa Halbach's vehicle.

During the trial, a criminal agent testified that he was swabbing the car with latex gloves. He wanted to check the odometer, but when the car wouldn't start he opened the hood to see if battery cables were disconnected. The agent said he did this without changing his gloves.

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"Sweat in and of itself doesn't have our DNA," Strang remarked. "Obviously in its native state, a car hood wouldn't have Steven's DNA or anyone's DNA on it -- it's a piece of metal. The sweat argument was an argument Mr. Kratz made repeatedly in the trial. There was no evidence of sweat. All they knew was they got Steven Avery's DNA from the hood latch area on Teresa's car."

"[The agent's] latex gloves could have resulted in the transfer of [Avery's] DNA," he speculated. "If it did happen that way, it was inadvertent and [it] was just a mistake in forgetting to change [his] gloves."

This piece of evidence was presented during the trial, but it was omitted from the documentary series.

**Video credit: National Center for Audio & Video Forensics

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