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Dangerous Motorcycle Stunts Putting Innocent Drivers At Risk

CORONA ( — They call themselves Ruthless Ryderz, a motorcycle club, seen on Southern California freeways.

According to the CHP a biker stood on his seat, hands free on the 15 Freeway in Corona Sunday morning and fell. He later died at Corona Regional Medical Center.

Daniel Weatherbie, not affiliated with the club, once rode motorcycles and admits the freeway is not the place to practice.

"Most motorcycle riders that ride sport bikes, especially younger ones, tend to do it for the adrenaline," Weatherbie said. "I used to stunt in parking lots to isolate myself from the general populace. It's one thing to injure or kill yourself, it's another thing to injure or kill someone else."

The county confirms 28-year-old Leslie Elliot was the biker killed. Friends say a group from the Inland Empire and Orange County were heading towards the Ortega Highway when Elliot went down. He was wearing a helmet.

A web search of the hashtag Ruthless Ryderz shows motorcyclists performing dangerous stunts like standing on the seat driving on public roads.

The CHP says a group of 20-30 bikers recently slowed traffic on the freeway so their buddies could perform stunts.

"When a big group of motorcycles stops or swerves around them {other cars} it scares other motorists too and causes them to lose control," CHP Sgt. Nathan Baer says.

Bikers could face felony charges if they cause a major accident.

"They are too brave and think they are kings of the road and think they can do whatever," Brenda Cann said. "And yeah, we need to watch out for them, but at the same time they need to watch out for us."

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