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Cyclists Rally To Raise Awareness About The Dangers Of Distracted Driving

CALABASAS ( —  Dozens of cyclists got together in Calabasas Sunday to rally against distracted driving.

CBS2's Joy Benedict reported the rally was also held to honor bike-riding friends who were killed by distracted drivers.

"When I ride my bike I always think -- gosh is there someone coming up behind me who's not paying attention?" said Fred Schector of Tarzana.

Distracted driving incidents have been on the rise. Sometimes they have deadly consequences when motorists are texting or talking on cellphones, eating or applying make-up.

The fear of being in an accident involving a distracted driver is something they know all too well."

"I've been hit a couple of times, luckily I'm still alive," says Dave Zabriskie, a retired cyclist.

Zabriskie and his wife Randi founded the group Yield To Life. They joined forces Sunday with the Milt Olin Foundation to put on the rally.

Olin was the Hollywood exec and lawyer who was riding a bike and fatally struck by an on-duty LA County Sheriff's deputy.

"My husband was killed December 8, 2013," said Louise Olin. "It's a tragedy but I think it's important for all of us to learn from this tragedy."

"It doesn't matter who you are or what your training is, one moment of inattentiveness can kill," said Randi Zabriskie.

The cyclists on Sunday hoped they came up with a plan to allow drivers and bicycle riders to share the road.

"I ride my bike a lot and I wanna know that I'm safe and that everyone else who is riding out there is safe," said Ed Hackman from Tarzana.

All the money raised Sunday will be used for education and outreach and most importantly to get everyone to pay attention to the road.

"It's really important everybody – don't text and drive," said Schector, "pay attention to the road and I'll be alive tomorrow to bike again."

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