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Customers Make Their Own Cold One At Riverside Microbrewery

RIVERSIDE ( — A new Riverside microbrewery gives people a chance to become beer masters.

KCAL9's Tom Wait reported that Wicks Brewing Company is the place for amateurs and connoisseurs to make their own cold one.

"It's just water, yeast, hops and grain," said owner Brad Wicks. "We don't use any adjuncts, any additives, stuff like that."

All the ingredients needed for the beer is in-house, said Wait. The kettles do the rest of the work.

"First we take it to approximately 160 degrees, we take the grains that we just finished milling, we put it in there, we steep them, just like making a cup of tea with a little teabag," said brewery manager Jimi Sepulveda.

After the mixture, the transformation begins.

"We transfer what's called 'wort,' it comes through the filter, it gets any residual grains or anything that might be floating in there out…it comes through the plate chiller," said Sepulveda.

It takes about two hours to make the beer.

Wicks Co. then keeps it for fermenting. In a few weeks, the beverage is done.

"You'll be getting the top shelf beer for the…I don't want to use their names… but the other guys' prices," said Sepulveda.

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