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Curvy Women Looking For Sexier Swimwear Options

LOS ANGELES ( — Full-figured women are looking for sexier swimwear options this summer.

Model Liliana Merancio told CBS2's Suzanne Marques that she celebrates her curves.

"I love my curves, I embrace them, I feel sexy in them, and if it's something that fits right, I will go out there and be like, 'Hey, here I am,'" she said.

The model, however, said it's hard to find a swimsuit and beachwear that doesn't cover her up too much.

"You go on the beach and the last thing you want to be wearing is a cover-up the whole time you're out there, or feel insecure about your curves, because your typical bikini girl is skinny and thin and fit. I think that's changing now," she said.

Merancio said it's simple: While most women dread bikini season, they still want the option to wear one.

"It just feels good to be wearing a two-piece. A two-piece that actually looks good on you," she said.

Companies like Always for Me, Monif C., Evans, and Swimsuits For All are making sexier swimsuits and bikinis.

Jessica Petersen, who started the design team at Torrid, which is a popular plus-size fashion line, now has her own swimwear line called Sorella—inspired by her best friend who could never find a bikini that fit.

"There's been a big push in the market from women just being proud of their shape, and proud of their curves, and the fashion is finally embracing that," she said.

Petersen's advice for swimsuit shopping is to get adequate coverage and support.

"Our bikini covers more and supports better, so a woman feels flattered, supported, sexy. I think it's important that women love who they are, so we're all about promoting loving your body and loving your shape," she said.

Merancio said it's not just about looking good, but feeling good.

"I want to show everyone out there that no matter what size you are, every woman is beautiful," she said.

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