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Criminal Charges Have Been Filed Related To Large Indoor Gatherings Amid Pandemic, Warns Feuer

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Amid a decline of confirmed coronavirus cases in Los Angeles, City Attorney Mike Feuer issued a warning to the public to remain vigilant in following public health orders.

"As we have seen in the past, especially with the surges that we experienced in November and December, that progress is very fragile," said Feuer Saturday in a video recorded message. "It depends on all of us doing our parts."

To that end, Feuer explained that his office has held individuals who have held large indoor gatherings -- in contravention of public health orders -- accountable.

"That vital work continues," he said, explaining that criminal charges have in fact been filed against individuals connected to properties alleged to have held large indoor gatherings in violation of public health orders.

Feuer urged the public to contact the LAPD if any large indoor gatherings are held in your area.

"And if you're considering having a gathering or party in your home because the COVID numbers seemingly look better, please don't," he added.

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