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Couple In Middle Of 'Won't Go Nanny' Story Hires An Attorney

UPLAND ( — Marcel and Ralph Bracamonte, the couple who hired the "Won't Go Nanny," have hired some new help: an attorney.

CBS2's Jeff Nguyen takes the latest look at the case that seemingly everyone in America is talking about.

The Bracamontes hired nanny Diane Stretton in March from a Craigslist ad.

They said she worked for two months and was fine, until one day she decided not to work, do household chores or help take care of the couple's three children.

The couple says they fired her, and that's when the nanny refused to leave the home.

They gave her a quit notice, but a judge says they filed it incorrectly, and sided with Stretton.

Nguyen spoke to neighbors Friday, many of whom can not believe the drama unfolding in their quiet neighborhood.

"I think it's nuts. I feel sorry for those people that they don't have any rights," said Edwina Amlung.

On Thursday, CBS2's Amy Johnson reported that Stretton's past is filled with filed lawsuits, including some filed against her. Many of the legal matters also involve family members.

After she was reportedly cut out of her father's will, Stretton filed enough suits against the probate that she was deemed to be "vexatious" or a troubled litigant in probate proceedings.

Nguyen spoke to the Bracamonte attorney, Marc Cohen.

"I'm going to go review the files. I will be back as soon as I can to discuss this with you guys," Cohen said.

While the Bracamontes are behind closed doors, their neighbors can't help feel for their situation.

"When you stop and think about it, this could happen to a lot of people. It's a good thing you are putting [this story] on there so they can have a wake up call. Maybe check into things a little bit better before you let someone in the house like that," said Tom Amlung.


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