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Compton Teen Overcomes Hardships, Receives Full-Ride Scholarship To Princeton

COMPTON ( — A 17-year-old student from Compton High School received a full-ride scholarship to Princeton University.

"Last Monday I got a phone call. 'You've been accepted to Princeton,'" Edgar Preciado said.

The son of a shipping clerk, Preciado worked hard for all of his achievements, overcoming the stigmas and hardships that come with being poor and living in the inner-city.

"Being from a social economic disadvantaged neighborhood only motivates me to aspire even further to exit the poverty cycle," he said.

Preciado's recipe for success?

"In order for us to be successful, we have to accept ourselves. We have to love ourselves for who were are. And that eventually extends to other people around us," he said.

On Friday morning, Preciado received a note from an anonymous classmate.

"She sent me a message on Facebook, saying, 'You inspired me. Maybe one day I can go to Princeton, too,'" he said.

After Princeton, Preciado said he's off to Harvard for law school. After that, he wants to be a senator or congressman. One day, he hopes to come back home to help the kids at his former high school.

"He's a rockstar. And his intellectual capacity rivals that of many adults," school board President Micah Ali said.

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