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Community, Police Meet To Try To Tamp Down Tensions In South LA

LOS ANGELES ( — As protesters marched on LAPD headquarters in downtown, a small group met quietly with officers in south LA.

The group came with questions, and high hopes.

Helecia Choyce, a mother of two kids, was one of those in attendance.

"I dont wan't to have to bury them [her kids]," she said.

Choyce and a small group of friends came to LAPD's Southwest Department on Saturday to start a conversation -- they wanted to ask how to better protect both sides, so cops feel safer.

"When we see the police officers, they're supposed to be there to protect and serve, we shouldn't have to feel initially intimidated," Choyce added.

Much of the conversation centered on putting the community back in community policing.

The questions weren't easy, as Choyce and others pressed Captain Sean Parker to say how he felt seeing Philando Castile dying in the Facebook Live video taken by Castile's girlfriend.

"These are the types of questions we want people to ask us, because those are the real questions that want to be asked," said Captain Sean Parker.

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