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Scooter Companies Face $200K In Fines For E-Scooters Left Scattered After Comic-Con

SAN DIEGO (CBSLA) — The Comic-Con party is over in San Diego, and now all electric scooters have to go home.

Clean-up crews were busy picking up more than 2,500 electric scooters left scattered across San Diego in the wake up the 50th annual Comic-Con, the biggest gathering of science fiction, fantasy and pop culture fans in the world.

Electric scooters were found blocking wheelchair ramps, sidewalks and busy downtown streets.

The city of San Diego is imposing a $65 fine for each abandoned scooter, all of which have been gathered up and are ready for their owners to come collect them. Scooter companies including Bird, Lime and Lyft face paying a collective $200,000 in fees for the discarded scooters.

The companies have until the end of July to pick up the scooters and pay the fines.

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