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City Leaders Discuss Safety Measures Following Venice Boardwalk Hit-And-Run

LOS ANGELES ( — Leaders gathered at City Hall Monday to discuss safety measures following the deadly hit-and-run on the Venice boardwalk.

L.A. City Fire Battalion Chief Armando Hogan said public safety officials typically meet with city leaders after such a tragedy.

Among the topics discussed, said Hogan were "what could've gone differently, how were we able to perform, and most importantly what are the preventative mechanisms that we have in place so that someone else doesn't do something such as this."

City Councilman Mike Bonin, who represents the coastal area, is pushing for more barriers along the boardwalk.

Security video showed frightened tourists scrambling to move out of the way as a sedan sped down the boardwalk.

For some the scene brought back memories of the 2003 crash at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market, when 86-year-old George Weller drove his car through the event, killing 10 people.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said changes were made following the 2003 incident, including soft barriers and vehicles blocking the area where farmers markets are held.

But Garcetti also noted the layout of the Venice boardwalk is different.

"We'll have to look at it," Garcetti said. "It's a different context in Venice. It's a different geography."

Adding more barriers also raises concerns over the impact on emergency vehicles and response times.

"The other type of thing is what type of barrier? How strong? What do we need to do with it and how do we monitor and maintain those?" Battalion Chief Hogan said.

The Venice boardwalk has 12 access points. Suspected driver Nathan Louis Campbell, 38, is accused of steering around a set of barriers at Dudley Avenue before accessing the boardwalk.


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