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Chuck E. Cheese's Offers Sensory-Sensitive Sundays For Kids With Special Needs

BURBANK ( — It wasn't your typical Sunday at the Chuck E. Cheese's in Burbank. That's because it was a little quieter than normal.

Hundreds of the chains brought it down a notch for children with special needs. There were still games to shoot and games to ride, but the audio was turned down, and so were the lights.

Sylvia Mushili is raising 6-year-old twins with autism.

"They get overly stimulated and then they have meltdowns," she said. "You get a lot of stares, you know, people who don't understand autism."

Kalia and Kayshus were diagnosed when they were two years old so its been hard to have family outings.

So when she saw a flyer about "Sensory-sensitive Sundays" she thought, "Why not?"

"They love it! It was a really good idea," she said.

And other families thought so too, glad to have more options thanks to awareness.

"It's wonderful because our kids can do the same thing other kids can do and not be worried about having to act a certain way," Lisa Kwan-Golden said

Chuck E Cheese's unveiled the event this weekend, two hours before they open devoted only to families with special needs.


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