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CBS2's Serene Branson Teams Up With National Headache Foundation

STUDIO CITY (CBS) — CBS2's Serene Branson is teaming up with the National Headache Foundation to launch "More Than Just A Headache."

The campaign, which is kicking off during National Migraine Awareness Month, aims to educate the public and provide valuable resources to millions of migraine patients across the country.

Viewers across the globe witnessed Branson's medical emergency – a complex migraine – live on TV during the station's newscast following the Grammy Awards in February.

Serene Branson Announces National Migraine Awareness Month by National Headache Foundation on YouTube

Branson, an Emmy award-winning reporter, was doing her live shot outside Staples Center when her words became incoherent and she exhibited symptoms of a severe medical condition.

"My head was definitely pounding and I was very uncomfortable and I knew something wasn't right," Branson told CBS2 anchor Pat Harvey after the on-air scare. "I was terrified and confused. Confused. What had just happened? At that point they sat me down, then my right cheek went numb. My right hand went numb and I lost some sensation in my arm."

Video of Branson went viral on YouTube, and after wild speculation about the causes of her episode, tests conducted by Branson's doctor confirmed that she had suffered a complex migraine. The symptoms – dizziness, nausea and garbled speech – mimic a stroke. Branson also learned that the migraines are hereditary and that her mother suffers from them as well.

Serene is now sharing her experience to help millions of Americans understand the seriousness of what is "more than just a headache."

For more information, visit the National Headache Foundation.


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