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Caught On Camera: Road Rage Incident In Glendale Leads To Fist Fight On Moving Freeway

GLENDALE (  — Road rage took on a whole new meaning on the 134 Freeway when two drivers stopped their vehicles and got into a physical altercation in the middle of traffic.

CBS2's Andrea Fujii spoke to one man who said he started rolling video Saturday when he believed the two were going to crash into each other or cause an accident.

A black Infiniti is shown crossing lanes of traffic to get in front of a silver Volkswagen Jetta.

Fujii spoke to the man who shot the disturbing video. He does not want to be identified.

He told Fujii the Infiniti driver tried to cut off the Jetta driver. He says that man began yelling at the Jetta driver and then started to throw what looked like coins at the man's vehicle.

The Infiniti brakes in the middle of the freeway and then starts up again, pulls in front of the Jetta and both cars come to a complete stop.

Lots of honking can be heard as other drivers can't believe the two cars have stopped in the middle of the 134.

The Infiniti driver gets out of his vehicle and begins to attack the Jetta driver. Fujii said that the Jetta driver was choked and hit several times.

Said the videographer, "I definitely never thought it would actually come to a complete stop in the fast lane and try to beat the guy up with traffic going around us. It was just unbelievable."

He still has trouble believing what played out in front of him.

"I really thought if this guy does one step to the left, he's going to get hit by a car in the carpool lane. You saw him, he was screaming at him. Strike him a couple of times and the Jetta is just trying to leave the scene."

Because the incident happened on a Saturday afternoon, traffic was relatively light. No accidents were reported.

The Jetta's driver said he didn't file a police report but the CHP released a statement Wednesday evening and said they are investigating.

"The California Highway Patrol became aware this evening of a disturbing video which was posted online showing an aggressive incident occurring on a local highway near Glendale, CA. The dangerous driving behavior, physical attack on the victim and overall disregard for public safety led to an immediate investigation. The CHP takes the actions observed very seriously. We have deployed investigators to identify the suspect, the victim and witnesses/person behind the camera. CHP investigators will remain active until all leads are exhausted and/or the case is resolved."

The CHP asked any witnesses to call the Public Information Unit at (818) 240-8200 during regular business hours or the CHP Communications Center at all other times (323) 982-4900.


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