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Caught On Camera: FedEx Driver Puts Out Fire At Eagle Rock Home

EAGLE ROCK (CBSLA) -- The Rios family wasn't home when the fence that sits between their home and their neighbors' caught fire Wednesday afternoon.

fedex fire

Thankfully, a FedEx delivery driver sprung into action.

"I get a phone call from our neighbor across the street, and he's like 'You know, there's a FedEx guy trying to put out the fire,'" said homeowner Albert Rios.

Security footage caught the driver racing toward the home, grabbing a water hose, and walking toward the fire.

"He gets a water hose and jumps over the fence and starts trying to water the fire," Albert said.

In the video, the driver can be heard yelling to bystanders to "Knock on the door!"

"I'm sure he was thinking in his mind to make sure that no one was in the house, which is amazing," said Celena Pastran Rios. "I'm just so grateful."

The driver stayed on scene until the fire department arrived. Celena said he remained down the street, rinsing the ash off his uniform with water.

However, the driver took off before the thankful homeowners could express their gratitude.

"I wish I could have been able to speak to him and say thank you," Celena said.

The family posted about the incident on Facebook and, through neighbors, learned the driver's name may be Jason.

The Rios' are hoping to share their story and find him. They say he is the reason their house is still intact.

"I feel like there's a lot of unsung heroes during this pandemic," Celena said. "I can't believe a FedEx driver would go above and beyond his call of duty."


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