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Burglars hit same Woodland Hills pizza shop twice in one week

Woodland Hills pizzeria hit by burglars twice in same week
Woodland Hills pizzeria hit by burglars twice in same week 02:26

Burglars targeted the same Woodland Hills twice this week, leaving business owners distraught and without an answer for the issue running rampant across Los Angeles County. 

Surveillance footage on both days, Monday and Wednesday, shows much of the same as hooded suspects use a hammer to smash the glass door of Pizza Pie Eatery before rushing inside. 

While Sal Zanan, the owner of the pizzeria, says they didn't make off with much, they left a trail of destruction behind in both instances as he had to have his front door replaced twice this week.

"They came prepared, they tore up the store," said SOMEONE. "There's property damage, equipment damage. They just basically made a mess in here."

Investigators believe that the same group hit another store, The Italian Ice Shoppe, just a few spots down. 

"I have a safe that is bolted to a table," said Darryl Scherr, who owns the store. "It's not going anywhere, and also, I leave my drawer wide open. There's no money in there."

After the incidents on Monday, both stores cleaned up shop and reopened, hopeful that they were in the clear. But that didn't prove to be the case, as suspects again forced their way into the pizzeria. 

Nothing was stolen on Wednesday either, Zanan says. 

While LAPD investigates the incident, business owners search for answers to how they can stop the repeat incidents from occurring. 

Scheer says that no matter the precautions, thieves have the upper hand in Los Angeles County, pointing to the zero-bail police for misdemeanors and non-violent offenses.

"It is so senseless," he said. "There's no consequences. That's the problem right now. I think they know they can get away with it."

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