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Best Places For Carrot Cake In Los Angeles

Delicious carrot cake offers an essential dessert that is worth every bite. With that in mind, you may wonder where can you find the best of this sweet morsel in or around Los Angeles. Well, don't despair.
pacific cheesecake - carrot cake - verified
(credit: Pacific Cheesecake)

Pacific Cheesecake Company
4820 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Valley Village, CA 91607
(818) 763-1488

When you think cheesecake, you rarely think carrot cake, too. However contrary, that's just what this Valley Village enterprise delivers with the kind of success that makes driving over the hill a must do should you need to do so when you get a craving for more. The secret is in the vanilla cheesecake center, rocking this particular homemade wonderland--and home to the best mini-cakes in Los Angeles--to the top of the list for diners who have a passion for the finest bakery goods.

carrot cake
(credit: Scruggelgreen/shutterstock)

Magnolia Bakery
8389 Third St.
Los Angeles, CA 91203
(323) 951-0636

In regular or cupcake versions, the carrot cake delivered by Los Angeles' only version of this famed New York City outpost in mid-city is definitely a West Coast delight. Packed with carrots along with raisins, walnuts and plenty of brown sugar, this version of the popular dessert is ideal: Not too sweet, slightly spiced and smothered in rich, cream cheese frosting. A classic!

Susie Cakes SusieCakes - Carrot Cake - Verified
(credit: SusieCakes)

328 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 266-2253

It might be the delicate praline layering that makes this carrot cake stand out, but even without that feature this finger-licking good version of the classic carrot cake would be a stunner for any special occasion. Available for delivery if you don't have time to go fetch this sweet stuff, this La Brea Ave. find is worth the trek if only to get a whiff of all the desserts upon entering this coveted enterprise.

Carrot Cake Porto's Bakery
(credit: Sandra L./yelp)

Porto's Bakery & Cafe
315 N. Brand Ave.
Glendale, CA 91203
(818) 956-5996

The original sweet spot for Porto's 9-inch carrot cake, this family-run Cuban cafe (also located in the Southland in Burbank, Downey and Buena Park) delights the aficionado of this particular pastry includes a special ingredient (pineapple) to entice even more than ever. If you go for the whole cake, ask for the special carrot decoration, surrounded by pecans on top, if you want--but don't feel obliged. Both are out-of-this-worth on the taste scale, as is a sheet cake version. We promise.

Veggie Grill
(credit: Pamela K./yelp)

Veggie Grill
2025 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 829-1155

Looking for a tasty non-dairy version of carrot cake in Los Angeles? Look no further than Veggie Grill in Santa Monica (or any of this local restaurant group's other counter service locations) for its vegan variety of the rich dessert (the typical cream cheese frosting is replaced by a faux vegan replica), along with the crunchy addition of healthy almonds to round out this coveted dish.

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By Jane Lasky
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