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Arleta Lawmaker Pushes To Ban 'For Sale' Signs On Parked Cars

ARLETA ( — A San Fernando Valley lawmaker is calling for an ban on advertising and selling personal cars on certain streets in the city of Arleta.

City Councilwoman Nury Martinez introduced a motion Thursday that would prohibit vehicles with "For Sale" signs from parking on Van Nuys Boulevard from Woodman Avenue to the I-5 freeway, and Woodman Avenue from Roscoe Boulevard to Van Nuys Boulevard.

Martinez said some residents raised concerns after they noticed a growing number of vehicles consistently parking on Virgil Avenue and Hoover Street for the sole purpose of displaying them for private sale.

Residents told Martinez the situation worsened as on-street parking was monopolized, motor oil leaked on the pavement and a decrease in quality of life due to the visual blight created by the signs.

"The parking spaces that are taken by the cars for sale are needed for access to businesses that are established and paying taxes," said Dianne Hand, a resident and member of the Mission Division Community-Police Advisory Board. "Even worse, these car sales also cause traffic hazards because passing motorist stop or slow down to read the 'for sale' signs."

Some residents say it's not just an eyesore, but a traffic hazard as well.

"They put the writing so small on the window. And you're like, 'What's it say? How much?' Boom! You rear-end somebody," Corey McManus told CBS2's Art Barron.

"It's become very bad. On the weekends especially," Loyce Lacson added.

Martinez's motion was referred to the Transportation Committee and is expected to go before the entire City Council sometime after the upcoming recess.

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