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Anti-Semitic Posters Appear Near Woodland Hills High School

WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA) - Multiple anti-Semitic posters have popped up near El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills.

Police say the disturbing sign and four others like it were discovered close to the school.

The posters say, "What's the difference between crackheads and Jews?" followed by a picture of a swastika with the question, "Is this a hate symbol?" above a Star of David with the question, "How about this?"

Another message was written below the images: "The murder of innocent women and children by a Rothschild led Jewish Zionist armed militia to forcibly confiscate the Land of Palestine now know as Israel."

Anti-semitic Posters West Vally High School
Anti-semitic posters posted near a El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills. (credit: CBSLA)

The posters made their way around social media after a woman shared photos of them to her Facebook page.

She said her husband found one of the signs near the high school on Monday, and quickly removed it.

Darlene Chavez, a parent in the area, said, "I was shocked. I was saddened. Disappointed...Someone is serious about getting people's attention and making people angry, scared."

Chavez went on to say, "It's not something that I want my daughters dealing with. They are here to study, not here to be fearful."

Asutosh Shah, another parent in the area, told CBSLA, "I am just scared. because it's kinda scary to hear stuff like this still going on."

Police say that they are aware of the posters and are investigating this as a hate crime.


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