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After The Parade, All Eyes Turn To The Rose Bowl

PASADENA (CBSLA) --   After the floats and marching bands and horses have their turn, all eyes turn to the Rose Bowl.

Yes, even this year without local teams playing.

KCAL9's Greg Mills spoke to the fans from Georgia (the Bulldogs) and Oklahoma (the Sooners) to find out which school had the fighting spirit.

Both were loud, he reported.

The first thing you notice is that the Sooners are loud and proud. But they confined their chants to appropriate times.

Not so much with the Bulldogs.

They chanted,  he said, "any old time they felt like it."

This was a non-traditional Rose Bowl -- no USC, no Penn State.

Run that back. No USC!?!

"We are at the wrong place but we enjoy being here," said Trojan Tom Cervenka.

So did the Oklahoma and Georgia fans.

"Awesome experience. First time I've been out here," said Martin Iheke, a Sooner fan.

"Once in a lifetime for me," said David Pearson representing Georgia.

Pearson caught the parade first and then was excited to go to the game.

Mills said the Georgia fans seemed to show more love for California.

"I love it I think it's great," said Katie Pierce.

"I want to move here.  Yeah it's nice weather," said Lauren Veness. "It's a lot warmer here than it is in Georgia."

Plus the fans noted, we have things in Southern California they don't have back in Oklahoma or Georgia.

Like mountain and lots of coastline. Even if a few of the small-town types said they think Californians are weird.

"I just saw on the news about the legalization of marijuana," said Pierce.

And that makes us weird?,  Mills asked. "A little bit," she said.

For the record, Georgia beat Oklahoma 54-48 in double overtime.

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