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Acton Continues To Dig Out From Flash Floods, Mud

ACTON (  —  The community of Acton Friday did all it could to dig out from mud that in many cases buried vehicles and filled basements literally to the roof.

CBS 2's Laurie Perez spoke to residents who cleaned up using shovels, hoses and bulldozers.

"So far," said Cynthia Osuna, "I just told everyone to start bringing tractors."

In much of Acton, what isn't underwater is covered in mud and debris.

According to officials, two commercial office buildings, a storage yard and four houses completely flooded.

"I don't know where to put all this dirt," Osuna said.

In addition to her basement being filled to the ceiling with mud, her mini horse is recovering after he was stuck up to his belly in mud. Also, appliances and equipment in an outside storage unit are ruined.

"[The mud] came from all the streets down," Osuna said, laughing, "so I have everyone's garbage [in my yard.] Hey, this isn't mine. My yard is never dirty."

No injuries were reported, but just about all of Acton is covered in mud.

Homeowner Richard Ballinger narrowly escaped being swept away with some of his vehicles, his animals and a custom Harley.

He said three goats and a dog were killed.

"The water was loading up behind the house from these hills," Ballinger said, "and water started pouring into the house. I had to get everybody to something higher."

The storm dumped 2 inches of rain in the area in less than a half hour. Literally, everything that could move was swept along in the flood and debris path.

Acton didn't look much like Acton when it was all over.

"The flooding was amazing that went through here," said resident Carol Hammett. "It reminded me of Louisiana, those states that flood and you see boats coming down [streets and roads.] I felt like we should all get our boats out and start going."

Osuna took it all in stride. And she knows it could have been worse.

"I always say I'm too blessed to be stressed," she said. "So what can we do?"

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