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911 Caller Arrested In Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting Case In Pasadena

PASADENA (CBS) — Authorities Wednesday arrested the 911 caller involved in the deadly police shooting of a teenager in Pasadena.

Pasadena Police Chief Phillip L. Sanchez announced the arrest of Oscar Carrillo Wednesday afternoon.

Carrillo had made a 911 call on Saturday that ended with 19-year-old Kendrec Lavelle McDade being fatally shot by police.

Police said McDade and a friend approached Carrillo at a taco truck near Summit Avenue and Orange Grove Boulevard and asked him to buy them some food.

We he refused, the two boys allegedly stole a backpack and a laptop from Carrillo's car.

Carrillo immediately called 911 and gave the dispatcher specific information, including what the two young men were wearing and he allegedly described a shiny silver handgun that they possessed.

"Do you remember anything about the gun," the 911 operator asked?

"Both had a gun, man," Carrillo responded.

"They both," the operator questioned?

"They both ran away from me," Carrillo said.

"So both had a gun," the operator again asked?

"Yes, I know. Both had a gun," Carrillo replied.

When police arrived, both men ran in different directions. When they tried to apprehend McDade, police said he reached for his waistband, which, believing that he was armed, prompted them to fire.

McDade was rushed to Huntington Hospital where he later died.

During the interview and follow-up, investigators said Carrillo finally admitted that he lied about the gun to get a response from police.

"At some point, Carrillo indicates that not only is one suspect armed, that they are now both quote armed. Pasadena Police officers responded to that scene believing that an armed robbery had just occurred. The shooting of Mr. McDade is absolutely tragic," Chief Sanchez said.

"Pasadena Police Department arrested the reporting party and now suspect, Mr. Carrillo, for attempted, for excuse me, for involuntary manslaughter," he added.

"His lie triggered a series of events that caused my clients' son to be killed in the street like a dog. And we want justice," said Caree Harper, the McDade family's attorney.

Harper said that she did not believe that any crime had been committed by McDade or the 17-year-old with him.

"My dead client, who was shot dead like a dog in the street, committed no crime. His crime was being black at night and in the wrong place at the wrong time," she said.

"I want justice and I want my son's name to be cleared as to any wrongdoing that he's been accused of doing," said McDade's mother, Anya Slaughter.

Two officers involved in the incident remained on paid leave Wednesday night.

The chief said that within the next few days, he expected to have a community meeting to discuss what happened and to address any concerns.


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