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5 Festive Favors For Your Fourth Of July BBQ

By Effie Orfanides

Thousands, if not millions, of Americans host a Fourth of July barbecue every year. From hamburgers to lawn games to fireworks viewing plans, there are a ton of things to be done ahead of your big get together. Make sure your party stands head and shoulders above the rest this year with party favors worthy of such a historic day.

Custom Koozies

This is the gift that keeps on giving! Consider having custom koozies made for your guests. Choose red, white, and blue base colors and have custom sayings added to each one. Try to be fun and creative, as this is something that your guests can take home and use again and again. You'll definitely want to give these out before the day gets started or leave them in a basket near the cooler for guests to pick up when they grab a cold beverage.

Festive Plastic Sunglasses

This is another favor that guests can wear during the party and take home to reuse. Your local dollar store should have some really fun, patriotic plastic sunglasses that your guests will love to wear. It's a great way for everyone to show that they are Team USA!

Bottle Opener

Why not welcome your guests with their very own bottle opener? Just like the koozies, these can also be personalized with unique sayings. This is a small gift that will make your party guests smile every time they use it. If you don't want to spend the money to have them custom made, you can write on them yourself using a glitter Sharpie.

S'mores Kit To-Go

This super-easy to-go kit can be made ahead of time and doesn't require too much effort. Simply wrap two halved graham crackers, two regular-sized marshmallows, and half of a chocolate bar in cellophane. Attach a little note to the outside in red, white, and blue, with a matching ribbon. The note can say something like, "Take home s'more fun. Thank you for coming." Guests can heat their marshmallows at home in a firepit or even on the stove.

Doggy Bags

There really is nothing better than going home from a BBQ with some leftovers for the next day (or for later that night), and your guests will absolutely love you for it. Pick up some red, white, and blue containers or use colored ribbons to seal up everyone's doggy bags.


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