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49ers Fan Beaten Into A Coma Outside SoFi Stadium

INGLEWOOD (CBSLA) — A San Francisco 49ers fan is in a medically induced coma after he was found outside SoFi Stadium suffering from severe injuries inflicted during the NFC Championship game against Los Angeles Rams.

chef daniel luna
(Credit: Misturapiedmont)

According to the Inglewood Police Department, the Los Angeles County fire department responded to Parking Lot L of SoFi Stadium after security services found the victim, 40-year-old Oakland resident Daniel Luna unconscious.

According to a press release from Inglewood City, security footage showed Luna pushing the suspect from behind. The suspect then pushed Luna from behind and struck him in the mouth. Luna then fell to the ground where he was later found.

The press release also noted that the suspect, who was wearing a Rams jersey, was seen interacting with an occupant of the vehicle. Officials also said "all that can be ascertained is that the victim was wearing a white jersey."

The victim was transported to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center where medical staff said that Luna was suffering from severe injuries believed to be sustained during an assault. Police arrived at the hospital to interview Luna but he was placed into a medically-induced coma before they could speak to him.

A 49ers spokesperson released a statement addressing the attack:

"What happened to Daniel Luna is reprehensible, and we strongly condemn all violence. We know local authorities are conducting a full investigation and we're here to support them however we can. Our thoughts and prayers go to Mr. Luna, his family, friends, and the medical team providing him care."

Police do not believe any weapons were involved in the beating and believe that Luna's attacker or attackers used bodily force to assault him.

The medical staff informed Inglewood police and after an investigation officers determined the assault happened at SoFi Stadium. In conjunction, with SoFi security, IPD is working to locate cell phone footage and has begun to review security camera video.

As of Wednesday night, police have not released any suspect description. Luna also remains in a coma.

A family friend said that Luna traveled to Los Angeles and attended the game alone after other friends had canceled their plans to go with him. Luna is a chef and the owner of an Oakland restaurant called Mistura.

A spokesperson for SoFi Stadium provided CBSLA the following statement:

"We are aware and saddened by the incident. Our thoughts are with Mr. Luna's friends and family during this difficult time. We are working with law enforcement officials in their investigation."

Antonnel Molett worked at SoFi Stadium as a ticket taker and claimed that security was inadequate at times, especially when the Las Vegas Raiders visited. Molett claimed that the fans went "berserk."

"They don't have enough security," Molett said. "They don't have enough."

SoFi Stadium said that the parking lots are patrolled by Hollywood Park Security Department, Inglewood Police and private security during major events.

A few Rams fans gathered outside the stadium to condemn the violence, offering prayers for the victim and his family.

"Fans against violence, there's no need for this," said one of the fans. "Come here and enjoy the game. It's all about sportsmanship... The world needs peace and love. We don't need any of this in this world right now."

Police are currently investigating this incident. During a press conference on Thursday night, Inglewood Mayor James Butts stressed that security was sufficient for the Super Bowl on Feb. 13. However, another video has surfaced showing fans fighting during the NFC Championship Game, with one fan grabbing another by the neck.

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