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24 Arrested Following Clash Between Protestors, Anaheim Police

ANAHEIM (CBS) — Anaheim police say they have finally restored order Wednesday morning following a violent protest that prompted several arrests and left a Starbucks coffee shop damaged.

Police arrested approximately 24 demonstrators Tuesday night during yet another clash with police and protestors over two recent officer-involved shootings.

The protests erupted after a crowd of 200 tried to get into a 5 p.m. Anaheim City Council meeting to discuss the shootings. The fire marshal turned the away the crowd, which then became hostile, officials said.

About 250 riot police were called in by officials to quell more than 600 demonstrators on Anaheim Boulevard. Protestors kicked police cars, threw glass bottles, rocks and pieces of wood with nails at officers, officials said.

Rocks and chairs were also thrown at an Anaheim Starbucks, shattering the business' windows.

Riot police gave protestors three warnings to disperse and then began shooting non-lethal pepper balls into the crowd around 9 p.m. Tuesday.

Two reporters, one officer and three protesters suffered injuries, according to authorities.

Of the 24 arrested, four were juveniles, said police. More arrests may be possible.

"We're going to reviewing various media video as well as what's available on open source to find out if we can find any … people who committed crimes ... and we will be going back, trying to arrest those people," Sgt. Bob Dunn said.

Meanwhile, City Council members unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday night calling for a federal investigation into the two deadly shootings.

On Saturday, Manuel Diaz, whom police described as a documented gang member from Santa Ana, was approached by officers around 4 p.m. on the 600 block of North Anna Drive. Police said Diaz, 25, and his two companions ran off, but an officer caught up to Diaz and shot him when he reportedly threw an unidentified object. However, no weapons were found at the scene and Diaz died at a hospital several hours later.

On Sunday, Anaheim police fatally shot 21-year-old Joel Mathew Acevedo at the end of a stolen-car pursuit. Acevedo, who is also described as a gang member, allegedly fired at officers before being fatally shot.

A $50 million legal claim and accompanying suit was filed against the city Tuesday by Diaz's family. They allege he was first shot in the back, then in the head when he fell to his knees.

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait said Monday he was "very, very concerned with what occurred in our city on Saturday night."

He asked the state Attorney General's Office and the U.S. Attorney's Office to help investigate the shooting.

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