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Alternative Intramural Sports In Los Angeles

By Elijah Bates

Hey you! Yeah, you in the adult-sized cleats and the t-shirt that clearly came from your longstanding place of employment. Sure, softball games and beer guts are great and all, but let's be honest with each other: you can swill beer and hang out with the boys almost anywhere, any time. Aren't there more scenic locations to spend away from work than the same baseball field backdrop that bored your parents half to death when they were your age?

While life as an adult can definitely be a tad mundane here and there, getting involved with an intramural sport or athletic club will supply a pretty exciting escape from the day-to-day routine. Need some help finding a team-based, exercise experience in the Los Angeles landscape? Then check out the following activities to keep you active without having to visit a gym to do so:

10/13 - How to be a gentleman - intramural sports leagues - frisbee
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11280 Huston St. #8
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Price: $60 per Season

Looking for something to do with "ultimate" in the title, but don't want to have your grape squashed by some fighting brute of a champion? Then check out LAOUT (Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams). Whether joining a pickup game or playing an entire season, LAOUT offers a chance to stay in shape, compete in an active sport and, best of all, create a killer name for your team. Just don't show up with an Aerobie or risk total embarrassment.

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San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club

9255 Telstar Ave
El Monte, CA 91731
(626) 307-4650
Price: $30/registration, $36/Monthly Club Dues

For some reason, badminton always gets a bad rap and for what reason? After all, it combines the grandeur of a great game of tennis with the longstanding class of a country club straight out of Caddyshack. From El Monte to Pomona, the San Gabriel Valley Badminton Club is getting you intramural athletes out onto the court and helping you unleash your inner shuttlecock. And if you've got a partner who'd like to tag along, definitely check out their reduced rates for doubles.

10/13 - how to be a gentleman - intramural sports leagues - Ice Angeles Hockey League
Photo Credit: Ice Angeles Hockey League

Ice Angeles Hockey League

2390 Crenshaw Blvd. #241
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 294-9534
Price: $395/Early Fee, $415/Regular Fee, $5250/Team Fee

Are you a fan of Miracle? A student of Slap Shot? Have you been inspired by The Might Ducks? No matter which hockey movie supplied the inspirado, the Ice Angeles Hockey League could be calling your name. For the past several years, men and women throughout Los Angeles County have been finding their calling, giving them the opportunity to be a hero of the ice in a safe, fun and competitive league, no less. Go on and give it a try—Emilio Estevez would be so proud!

10/13 - how to be a gentleman - intramural sports leagues - Southern California Aquatics
Photo Credit: Southern California Aquatics

Southern California Aquatics

PO Box 66425
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 390-5700
Price: Varies

So, you've conquered the sporting world on the land, but have you mastered all the other elements? If not, go take a flip-turn with your best freestyle with Southern California Aquatics, an organization for all ages. Whether you're in it for the exercise or you just want to add yet another trophy to the queue, the SCA will supply the chance to give Michael Phelps a run for his money. Plus, you'll finally have an excuse to strut around in that speedo you've been hiding.

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City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks: Soccer

Municipal Sports Stop # 658
3900 W. Chevy Chase Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone: (818) 246-3088, (818) 246-4088
Price: $250/7v7 League Fee, $350/11v11 League Fee

Soccer might initially bring up memories of orange slices, juice boxes and chants of "2-4-6-8", but as an adult, it's much more than a Saturday morning side jaunt. Especially with the increased interest in the World Cup, soccer is becoming more of an American pastime. Do your country a favor and sign up through the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. True, there might not be juice boxes, but there will be multiple chances to scream "Gooooooooal!"

10/13 - how to be a gentleman - intramural sports leagues - LA Boxing
Photo Credit: LA Boxing Torrance

LA Boxing Torrance

1431 West Knox Street #1200
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 618-1269
Price: Varies

For those of you in need of a sporting outlet with a little more physicality and combat-esque contact involved, LA Boxing might be right up your alley. With classes in boxing, kickboxing and MMA, you'll have a chance to juke and jive with fellow beginners, and learn from some slightly more advanced fighters too. Think of it this way: if you can convince your fellow employees to join you, it just might be your one and only chance to ever punch your boss right in the face.

10/13 - how to be a gentleman - intramural sports leagues - LA Wheelmen Bicycle Club
Photo Credit: Los Angeles Wheelmen Bicycle Club

Los Angeles Wheelmen Bicycle Club

PO Box 341301
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Price: $20/Individual, $25/Household

There's nothing stopping you from riding wherever you feel the urge to go…that is, nothing but the boredom of doing so by your lonesome. After all, a scenic ride is much more enjoyable when you've got someone to share it with, right? Right! So take a spin with the Los Angeles Wheelmen Bicycle Club. Not only will you be able to see the surrounding Southland area from an all-new perspective, but you'll be able to do so with several other cycling-enthused individuals too.

10/13 - how to be a gentleman - intramural sports leagues - Triathlon
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LA Tri Club

2801 Ocean Park Blvd. #180
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 396-9355
Price: $70/One Year, $110/Two Years, $150/Three Years

Can't pick just one intramural sport in which to dedicate your free time? Then by all means, go with three, courtesy of the LA Tri Club! With its multi-sport approach, you'll get the chance to test your might by running on the turf, riding on the road and cruising through the water. And with events taking place from San Diego to Santa Barbara Country and beyond, you'll definitely have opportunities to see and experience several landscapes outside of the LA spectrum.

10/13 - how to be a gentleman - intramural sports leagues - Santino Bros Pro Wrestling
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Santino Bros. Pro Wrestling

5640 Shull Street
Unit S
Bell Gardens, CA 90201
(323) 896-3017
Price: $150/One-time Enrollment, $25/Per Session

Pro wrestling isn't an actual sport, but that doesn't mean there isn't an absurd amount of physicality involved. For those of you who would much rather "win a championship" than win an actual championship, the Santino Bros. are can offer just that! With sessions ranging on base-level ring exercises to classes focused around creating characters and cutting promos, you'll definitely receive a much more intimate experience than Vince McMahon could ever supply.

Elijah Bates lives in Venice Beach. When he's not taking advantage of happy hours throughout the city, he surfs en masse, evading stingrays like they're trips to the dentist.

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