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12-Year-Old Girl Set To Race Seven Marathons Across The World For Charity

LOS ANGELES ( — She's only 12 and wants to be the youngest female to run seven marathons on seven continents.

Blanca Ramirez of La Puente started running last year and now hopes to break a world record to benefit the charity Operation Smile.

"It's a nonprofit organization that helps kids when they're born with the deformation on their lips, and it helps pay for their surgery," Ramirez said.

However, she finds that running is more than just exercise.

"I hope to inspire by getting out there instead of just smiling inside and playing video games," said Ramirez. "Go out there and make a change in the world."

KCAL9's Stephanie Simmons went for a run with Ramirez at Fryman Canyon to learn of her bold journey.

Ramirez has completed a marathon in North America, Africa and Asia, and soon will race in South America and Australia.

Next year, she will travel to Europe and even Antarctica to complete her challenge.

"I have to train to be prepared for the cold and everything else out there since it's a really tough marathon," said Ramirez.  "If we have a winter, like my dad says, we're gonna go to Big Bear and train."

Through her racing, Blanca has had the opportunity to see things in person that most 12-year-olds may have only read about.

"I've seen the Great Wall of China, that one was the best one ever," Ramirez said.

However, she keeps her health in check while realizing the toll that racing can have on the body as a marathon runner.

"I haven't really gone to the doctor," said Ramirez.  "I'm going to see one a week before my next race to see if I'm OK and I can finish the marathons."

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