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Self-driving cars

There have been many headlines about the future of self-driving vehicles – cars that would never get drowsy, never get impaired by alcohol, and never be distracted by cell phones. Well, that future is closer than you think, as David Pogue finds out when he surveys a landscape that features the Tesla Autopilot, and Lyft's self-driving taxis. Pogue also talks with Jason Torchinsky, author of "Robot, Take the Wheel: The Road to Autonomous Cars and the Lost Art of Driving."

Lyft co-founder on why your car is expendable

Self-driving cars may reshape more than our streets. In this web exclusive, correspondent David Pogue talks to John Zimmer, co-founder and president of the Lyft ride-sharing service, about the future of transportation, and what will change as new technologies make us less and less dependent on owning a car. Don't miss Pogue's report on autonomous vehicles on "No Exit!," a "CBS Sunday Morning" primetime special, Friday, May 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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