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Man Accused Of Threatening To Shoot Up Woodland Mosque Has History Of Violent Threats

WOODLAND (CBS13) — A man was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill everyone inside a Woodland mosque.

The suspect, identified as 23-year-old Abdul Khalid, appeared in court Wednesday and faces criminal threat charges.

We've learned this is not the first time Khalid has made threats at the mosque. He's been accused of causing fights in the past.

"Mr. Khalid has thrown bottles and engaged in a fight with other mosque members, so there's a history here," a judge said in court.

According to probation four years ago, Khalid was allegedly armed with a knife and threatened to kill mosque members.

He's now facing three felony criminal threats charges, accused of sending messages Monday on social media about committing a mass shooting and threatening to kill everyone inside the Woodland Muslim Mosque and Islamic Center.

Investigators say Khalid claimed to be in possession of a gun and ammunition.

"Kind of something extreme to be going on where we live," said Robert Guerrero.

Guerrero's family's home is near the mosque.

"Innocent people getting hurt is never a good thing. Sounds like a hate crime," he said.

But as of now, Khalid hasn't been charged with a hate crime.

Below is a statement from Jonathan Raven, Yolo County Chief Deputy District Attorney:

"Currently, Mr. Khalid is not charged with a hate crime or hate crime enhancement. To file a hate crime, we must believe that we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a substantial motivating factor in the crime was a bias against a particular religion. It's always possible that further investigation could change things."

Raved added that a representative from the mosque told his office they don't believe the crime was bias-motivated.

"I was actually not even trying to come out once I found out about it," said Angel Magallon.

Now with Khalid's arrest, Magallon—who lives right across the street from the mosque—feels a sense of relief knowing the threats of violence didn't escalate.

"I'm glad that Woodland PD got a hold of him before he came and did his act," he said.

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