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Blow Dart Removed From Turkey's Neck After Being Seen In Rancho Cordova

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – Wildlife experts rescued a turkey that was spotted with a blow dart through its neck in Rancho Cordova.

It was a tale of a tom who's taken a terrible turn.

"I saw it Tuesday evening and I was trying to get close to it to see if it was something we could knock out with a broom," said Tamera Stuher.

The turkey frequents Tamera Stuher's backyard along the American River Parkway.

"He seems to shake his head quite a bit like it's bothering him a bit and he opens his mouth quite a bit but he seems to be posturing for the females," Stuher said.

It's that time of year, turkeys are trying to find a mate and it's spring season for hunting toms. But Fish and Wildlife says using a blow dart to hunt, hunting in a residential area and in a protected area like the parkway are illegal.

(credit: Department of Fish and Wildlife)

A rescue group gathered to capture the turkey, treat it and release it back in the wild. And on Thursday, the bird was captured and the dart was safely removed from its neck.

Tamera says as suburbia gobbles up more open spaces, all sorts of issues are taking flight between their love of gardens to what they leave behind.

"I just can't believe someone would do that.. I don't know what you're reasoning is for it. But it's just awful. You're just making him suffer," she said.

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