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Thanksgiving Traditions Back To Normal In Downtown Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Thanksgiving Day traditions were put on pause during the pandemic but as restrictions loosen, the holiday nostalgia is coming back.

Families flooded the ice skating rink in DOCO excited to be maskless and with the people they love.

"We can see each other's smiles again!" says one ice skater who hit the rink for fun family time on Thanksgiving.

"My aunt is visiting the town and we are just having fun," said ice skater Gabby Hall. "Drop the masks a little feel a little safer. We used to go ice skating as a tradition."

Hall and her aunt were forced to skip their favorite Thanksgiving tradition last year.

"People in 2020 couldn't really go," said Hall.

She's happy to finally be getting back to normal just in time for the holiday season.

"She's a really fun aunt she'll do anything," said Hall.

"I didn't know I was cool but apparently I still hold that title I'm thrilled," said Hall.

They're not the only family reuniting in 2021.

"My oldest organized this and she made it work. She came from New York," said Sade Asebiomo from Sacramento.

"I live in Brooklyn, New York, so I came to visit my parents and siblings for thanksgiving," said Tumise Asebiomo.

The 3,000-mile flight is worth it for the oldest sister of eight.

"We're all changing we're all growing up. I'm really glad to spend time with them," said Tumise Asebiomo.

So, whether it's ice skating or ducking into a movie theater after the pandemic forced them to close, "They actually have a lot of really good options right now," said Claudia Vacquez, from Sacramento.

Family traditions are coming back.

"Growing up we'd always go to the movies. It's a sense of normalcy we're going back to pre-Covid times it's awesome," says Vacquez.

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