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Police Investigating Smash And Grab Burglaries In Rocklin, Auburn, Placer County

AUBURN (CBS13) - Auburn Police are investigating a series of smash and grab car burglaries throughout Auburn, Rocklin, and Placer County.

They believe at least two dozens burglaries are connected. Police are now looking for a man driving a silver Mercedes.

Police say all of these burglaries happened in broad daylight in just an hour and half time span. The suspect somehow punched

(credit: Auburn PD/Facebook)

through the windows of 14 different cars in Auburn alone.

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Police say the suspect acted quickly. Drivers came out of different business across the area Sunday afternoon to see their car windows smashed through.

In an hour and a half, two dozen cars were hit, but no one was able to stop this person or track him down. Police say he smashed out windows and threw the owners belongings around the car. In some cases, this mystery burglar took nothing but left destruction behind.

Some of the victims are teenagers whose cars were hit at their summer jobs.

Teenager Abby Oyer works at a pizza parlor.

"It happened in an hour and a half span and, no one heard anything, none of our car alarms went off. Even though nothing was taken, it still feels weird," said Oyer.

Another employee at Echo Valley Ranch off Nevada Road is also a victim.

Employees are shocked this happened and no one saw who is responsible.

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"It's just scary to know that somebody could come up here and do that," said Connie Watson with Echo Valley. "I think it's wrong. I think, this poor kid just got off a hard days work, right in the middle of the day, now he has to pay for it. It's not fair."

Police are combing through surveillance footage and listening to witness testimony to track down the vandal.

"It is very surprising and a lot of these incidents. they tend to be a crime of opportunity," said Bryan Morrison with the Auburn Police Department.

Police are looking for a man in his 20's or early 30's driving a silver Mercedes. They believe the burglaries that happened in Auburn are connected to ones in Rocklin and around Placer County.

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