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California District Attorneys Urge Roger Goodell To Pull NFL's Stephon Clark PSA

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is being urged to pull a public service announcement that talks about the death of Stephon Clark.

The California District Attorneys Association announced on Tuesday that they had sent a letter to Goodell urging that the PSA be removed, arguing that the video leaves out critical facts about the case.

Sacramento police officers shot and killed Clark in his grandmother's backyard in 2018. The incident prompted weeks of protests.

"Though well-intentioned, the video performs a disservice instead of a public service by omitting the crucial facts which preceded Mr. Clark's tragic death," wrote El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson, who is the president of the association.

The CDAA cites Attorney General Xavier Becerra's independent investigation, which included "critical facts" describing the 22 minutes leading up to the death of Stephon Clark, none of which are included in the NFL's video.

Stephon Clark's Legacy | #EveryonesChild by NFL on YouTube

Clark's mother talks about her son's life and death in the PSA, which was produced as part of the NFL's new social justice campaign against systemic racism.

Local product and current Panthers linebacker Shaq Thompson has been vocal about Clark's case. In an interview with Sports Illustrated on Tuesday, Thompson urged for the investigation into Clark's death to be reopened.

Still, Pierson and the California District Attorneys Association says independent investigations have already cleared the officers involved in Clark's case from any wrongdoing.

Clark's brother, Stevante, responded to the District Attorneys Association letter Tuesday.

"These are the facts, the facts are my brother should be alive today, my mother is still grieving," Stevante Clark said. "I believe what they're doing is wrong, this is so wrong to disrespect the legacy of Stephan Clark, my brother is not alive to defend himself."

In the letter the CDAA sent, they ask the NFL to "reexamine the factual findings of Stephan Clark's death" and produce another video. As of this afternoon, the NFL has not responded to their request.

Stevante Clark says he is thankful to the NFL for standing in solidarity with his family.

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