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Mayor Steinberg In Talks With Local Businesses About Possible Vaccine Requirement

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg is in discussions with local businesses to require proof of vaccination for anyone entering any restaurant bar or business.

A mandate already in place in cities like San Francisco, Sacramento is not far behind.

"I'm fully onboard. That's your right to not have to put certain things into your body that you don't want; however, we also have a right to now want to get sick," said says Jenea Green, a customer at the Rind in Sacramento. But other restaurant-goers aren't all for it.

"Not something I care for because it's forcing people if they want to support the community to do something that they may be morally against," said Sacramentan Michele Williams-George.

A spokesperson for Mayor Steinberg's office confirmed to CBS13 that the Mayor is in talks with the Sacramento business community about a citywide mandate. Prove your vax'd at the door or you can't come in.

"We would go above and beyond what the county mandates in order to stay in business," said Rind general manager Demetri Gregorakis.

We asked Gregorakis, if the city were to mandate proof of vaccination in order to get into restaurants, how would you feel about that?

"I'm down. I'll stand at the door and make sure everyone is vaccinated before they come in. I'm very for it," he said.

For the Rind, it eliminates one big question: Are staff members safe?

"We'd feel more staff feels more protected. If someone gets sick here we might have to shut down again. We want to stay in business,' he said.

New York City, New Orleans, and San Francisco are all implementing the mandate, but is it legal?

Sacramento Attorney Justin Ward says yes.

"Some people are saying, 'well hey, I don't want to get vaccinated…and I don't have to.' That's true, you don't have to; however, if you want to go inside a city or state or a county or a federal building they can make requirements in order for you to be able to come in. Certain constitutional rights, certain freedoms are restricted in certain circumstances," said Ward.

Health and safety top the list.

"If you're indoors the virus is more easily transmitted. So, in order to prevent that transmission, they're requiring vaccinations," he said.

CBS13 reached out to several business districts in Sacramento but they were not available to speak with us today. Mayor Steinberg's office says they're following the lead of the local businesses and won't move forward unless he has their support.

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