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'Rage Yoga' Releases 'Negative Energy' With Alcohol, Profanity And Obscene Gestures

KANSAS CITY, MO (CBS Local) -- An alternative twist to the usually deep breathing meditation and soothing poses of traditional yoga is becoming all the rage in Kansas City.

Instructor Amanda Kauffman said she started practicing yoga seven years ago. Two years ago, she came across a new technique she said is more her style.

"A lot of people stay away from yoga because they think, 'Oh well, you know, I'm not good enough for that, or what are people going to think about my poses,'" she told WDAF. "And in here, you can just be yourself."

Kauffman now teaches rage yoga.

"The technique is different. Instead of calming your mind, you're bringing everything out," she said. "Instead of just trying to push it out quietly, you're going to push it out, and it's going to be loud!"

With loud, explicit music as the soundtrack for Monday's first class, participants were encouraged to yell, scream, cuss and make obscene gestures.

"Just letting all the negative energy out tonight. That's the goal," Kauffman said.

The rage yoga trend began in Canada, but is slowly spreading to cities across the U.S.

"I've never done rage yoga before," said attendee Hillary Luppino. "I had recently seen something online about it, and then I saw that it was available here, so I just jumped on the opportunity."

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