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Caldor Fire Evacuees From Grizzly Flats Can Begin Returning Home This Sunday

GRIZZLY FLATS (CBS13) — Caldor Fire evacuees from the Grizzly Flatz area will be able to return home beginning Sunday.

The El Dorado County Sheriff's Office said residents will be notified by its own social media accounts or the county's about 24 hours prior to a designated date and time based on their address that they can go back home.

Different sections of the area will be repopulated at different times, the sheriff's office said. This is to prevent traffic jams, hazards and safety issues. Repopulation should be complete by Monday.

Returning evacuees will have to check in at Pioneer Park and provide proof of residence. Residents will be provided information on resources, hazards and more to be prepared for their return home.

The check-in process is to ensure people who do not live in the area don't gain access to it, so returning residents should make sure they have proper identification. Residents are also being asked to fill out this contact form prior to arrival.

Residents will be provided a permit to access their homes before being allowed to enter the evacuated area.

Mandatory evacuations were initially ordered for Grizzly Flats back on August 16 as the fire began moving its way east through El Dorado County.

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