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Davis Police Responding To Calls About Illegal Leaf Blowing On Bad Air Quality Days

DAVIS (CBS13) — The sound of a leaf blower may now trigger a police response in Davis.

Last week, the city council passed an emergency rule banning leaf blowing when the air quality index is above 100. And with wildfire smoke pouring into the area, police are getting dispatched to neighborhoods all over town.

This new rule has been in place for a week and people are not shy about calling the police. In fact, officers didn't have to travel far for a call Tuesday morning about an illegal leaf blower at the apartment complex across the street from their headquarters.

"It's very confusing for people," said Thomas, a Davis resident who did not want to give his last name.

A lot of people CBS13 talked to Tuesday didn't know the rule had passed.

In the last week, a Davis police spokesperson said the department has responded to five calls for service about illegal leaf blowing. They were able to locate most of the people doing it and give them a warning.

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"I think if I have to get out there and blow some leaves I should be able to," said George Marisco, a local landscaper.

He said when he can't leaf blow, his workload doubles.

"We've just got to rake it up. We've got to work more. Sweat more. When we could be out of there in two hours, we will be out of there in four hours," Marisco said.

Davis city council passed this as a way to limit the health effects of airborne pollution. However, Thomas thinks enforcing the ban on bad air days is not the best use of police resources

"They have better things to do then walk around and see if somebody is using a leaf blower or not," he said.

When the ban is in effect, the city uses its Everbridge alert system and its website to let people know. Davis police said they would not arrest someone for a violation. If they were to have a problem, such as a repeat offender, code enforcement would respond and that person could face a fine.

The Davis Police Department does not expect this to be a drain on resources.

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