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Dangerous Intersection Near Rocklin High School Raises Concerns

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Some Rocklin residents are rattled over an intersection they say is dangerous after yet another crash Monday night.

"I'm scared of this intersection as an adult, and so to think my kids have to combat this, it really does worry me," said neighbor Justin Locketz.

The intersection in the spotlight is at Stanford Ranch Road and Crest Drive. Neighbors here say this intersection is notorious for close calls.

On Monday night, Rocklin Police say a driver traveling northbound on Stanford Ranch Road drove right through a stop sign and crashed into another car making a turn from Crest Drive.

"It really took my breath away because the small car was significantly damaged across the whole driver's side of the car," said neighbor Sheree Fischer.

The accident has left many in the Rocklin community shaken.

"The whole driver's side was gone, and another car was up on its side," said Locketz.

It's a 3-way stop, with the speed limit at 45, but residents nearby say it's not uncommon to see people going 60 to 70 miles per hour.

"Every time I come through here, once every couple weeks I see a near miss, where people are turning left in front of each other or someone had to slam on the brakes," said Locketz.

"We do see people blow this stop sign often," said Fischer.

People driving through stop signs is the big issue. And on the eve of students going back to school, the intersection that's just about a quarter mile up the road from Rocklin High is raising concerns among parents.

"You'll see at the end and beginning of school hundreds of kids coming through at the same time. I've seen many students in the crosswalk get hit, and jump out of the way, there needs to be a light that's protecting anyone who walks through here," said Locketz.

The city of Rocklin did try to address the troubles about two years ago with a pilot program.

"We have a pilot program going on at that intersection, we've installed some flashing stop signs, and the purpose of those stop signs was to draw more attention to the intersection, to improve safety and hopefully help people make better decisions when they're driving," said Justin Nartker, the director of public services for Rocklin.

As the city monitors the results of the program, many neighbors say more needs to be done.

"This definitely needs to be a stop light, I never understood why there wasn't one, It needs to have a guarded crosswalk. and signals so people know where they're going," said Locketz.

"Maybe a flashing red light hanging could be better?" asked Fischer.

The city did address some traffic issues Tuesday night during the council meeting, but when specifically asked about this intersection, Rocklin City Councilwoman Jill Gayaldo says it's been a challenge.

"Let's get our engineers here, let's get some feedback from the members that live there, and let's find a solution," said Gayaldo.

The Rocklin community on edge after a terrifying accident is now hoping to get the city's attention.

"This intersection is just notorious and it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when there will be another accident," said Locketz.

The city wants to hear from the public on ideas to further improve this highly traveled intersection

Meanwhile, Rocklin Police say Monday night's crash involved passengers in their mid 20s and is likely a DUI accident. One person is in serious condition.

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