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The 5 best standing desks for 2024

The 5 best standing desks for 2024
Amazon, Intension Design, Branch Furniture

If you spend much of your day sitting at a desk, and you want a more ergonomically friendly solution, a standing desk is a fantastic option for a home office. This type of desk can help to reduce neck, shoulder, back and wrist strain, along with eye fatigue. At the same time, you can burn more calories than when you're just sitting for much of your workday. 

Standing while you work, even for a few minutes every few hours, can have tremendous physical health, fitness and even mental health benefits. And when your desk is electrically powered and height adjustable, simply pressing a button lets you raise or lower your desk -- whenever you feel your body needs a change.

Our top picks for the best standing and adjustable desks 

The goal of a standing or adjustable desk is to help you work in greater comfort. We recommend a desk that's height adjustable (as opposed to a non-adjustable standing desk), so it can switch from the perfect height for sitting, to a comfortable standing height, without you having to rearrange everything on your desk. 

An electric model requires a simple button press. Start by determining how much desktop space you need and the desk layout that's best for your work habits. Next, consider if you want a non-adjustable standing desk, manual height adjustable desk, or one with electronic height adjustability.

Our team of in-house technology and remote working experts have done the testing and research to curate this roundup of the best standing and height-adjustable desks.

For expert advice on choosing the best tech gear for your office, such as a desktop computer, laptop computer, budget laptop computerChromebooktabletAndroid-based tabletAndroid smartphonecell phone or emergency power bank for a home office, be sure to check out our extensive and continuously updated tech coverage.

Best standing desk overall: Branch Duo standing desk

Branch Duo Standing Desk
Branch Furniture

Design: Traditional desktop with electric height adjustment | Desktop Space: 48 x 24 inches | Desktop Material: Laminate | Maximum Height: 48 inches | Adjustment Range: 28 to 48 inches | Color Options: Woodgrain, white, walnut, charcoal, or sage (desktop); white, charcoal, or sage (base)  | Optional Accessories: Desk drawer, Cable organizer, Power Strip

Idea for a traditional office or home office setting, this larger version of the Branch Duo standing desk has a modern aesthetic that comes in a choice of desktop and base colors that can be mixed and matched to your liking. You get 48 x 24 inches of desktop space.

The desktop is made from laminate, while the base is built using durable powder coated steel. This desk offers smooth electric height adjustment (between 28 inches and 48 inches). While you can use the integrated lever to adjust the height with a single finger, it has two convenient presets (one for sitting and one for standing). Operating speed for raising or lowering the desk is 1.3 inches per second. The desk itself has a maximum weight limit of 275 pounds.

The Duo Standing Desk takes one person about an hour to assemble. It comes with all the tools and easy-to-follow directions. We found every aspect of this desk to be well designed using high-quality materials. It'll offer many years of functionality, while nicely fitting into the decor of your workspace. It offers great value for the price. If you're looking for a versatile and adjustable standing/sitting desk that's designed to provide an ergonomic and comfortable workspace, this is the desk for you.

Best moveable standing desk: Intension Design Tripod Standing Desk Pro

Intension Design Tripod Standing Desk Pro
Intension Design

Design: Portable and adjustable standing desk | Desktop Space: 28 x 16 inches | Desktop Material: Laminate | Adjustment Range: 28 to 53 inches | Color Options: Walnut, black or birch | Optional Accessories: Tripod wheels, Keyboard platform, Cup holder, Portable charging hub, Laptop stand, USB charger, Clip-on light

Not everyone wants to be confined to a specific work space. It's these work wanderers who need to know about the Intension Design Tripod Standing Desk Pro. It packs up in less than two minutes and weights a total of 13 pounds. While the desk is height adjustable, it's designed mainly to be a standing desk (unless you use it with a barstool-height chair).

The height of the desk can be manually adjusted between 28 and 53 inches. (It's best to do this before placing anything on the desktop). In addition to height, you can adjust the desktop's angle. The tripod base is extremely well made, sturdy and easy to set up. The desktop provides 28 x 16 inches of workspace.

The bundle comes with the removable desktop (in your choice of three colors -- walnut, black or birch), the multifunctional tripod, a tripod carrying case and two non-scratch laptop stops, for use if you adjust the desktop at an angle. We found this portable standing desk to be impressively durable and sturdy. It's perfect for a remote worker who does not like to be confined to one workspace, since the desk can be set up quickly. With the optional wheels, you can easily move the desk around on a flat surface and then lock the wheels into place.

Best budget standing desk: Flexispot Standing Desk (48 inches x 20 inches)

Flexispot Standing Desk

Design: Traditional desktop with electric height adjustment | Desktop Space: 48 x 30 inches | Desktop Material: Laminate | Adjustment Range: 28 to 48 inches | Color Options: Black | Optional Accessories: Cord management set, Under desk drawer, Clamp power strip, Desk casters (wheels), Single or dual monitor mount, Monitor stand, Laptop stand, Keyboard tray and more

The Lexispot Standing Desk has been added to this roundup because it's affordable and sturdy. This version of the desk offers a generous 48-inch by 30-inch workspace. But four other desktop sizes are available, including 40 x 24 inches, 48 x 24 inches, 55 x 28 inches and 60 x 24 inches.

This is an electric adjustable desk that comes in four desktop and base color options (black, maple, white or mahogany). The base is constructed using a strong steel alloy. The desk has a 187-pound weight capacity. Assembly is required, and you'll need to provide some of your own tools. 

This height-adjustable desk is ideal for a home office. And we love the low price.

Best for smaller rooms: Branch Duo standing desk (compact)

Branch Duo Standing Desk (Compact)
Branch Furniture

Design: Compact desktop with electric height adjustment | Desktop Space: 36 x 24 inches | Desktop Material: Laminate | Adjustment Range: 28 to 47.5 inches | Color Options: Woodgrain, white, charcoal, walnut or sage (desktop); white, charcoal or sage (base) | Optional Accessories: Desk drawer, Cable organizer, Laptop stand, Mountable power strip

This compact edition of the Branch Duo Standing Desk offers all of the features, functions and high quality craftsmanship of the company's larger desk, but it's more suitable for someone with a smaller workspace. 

With this desk you get a 36-inch by 24-inch laminate desktop in your choice of five colors. This gets matched with a powder-coated steel base that comes in three color options. What we really like about this adjustable desk is its high-quality craftsmanship, combined with its sleek appearance. You also get quiet and seamless height adjustability

Just as with the larger version of this desk, assembly is required. It comes with all necessary tools and easy-to-follow directions. We found it took a single person about one hour to assemble. With this desk, you can create a comfortable sitting or standing work environment (and easily switch between the two) in just about any room of your home, and it doesn't take up too much space.

Best L-shaped standing desk: Progressive L-shaped desk

Progressive L-Shaped Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Design: L-shaped desk with electric height adjustment | Desktop Material: Laminate | Overall Dimensions: 27.56 x 83.52 x 23.6 inches | Adjustment Range: 23.6 to 49.1 inches | Color Options: Dark oak desktop with gray base | Optional Accessories: CPU holder, Under desk drawer, Lockable casters (wheels), Cable management snake, Portable battery

Some people like to really spread out when they're working. The Progressive L-shaped desk is one large unit with a weight capacity of 330 pounds. The base is made from strong alloy steel, while the one-piece, one-inch-thick tabletop is made from dark-oak-colored laminate. 

Features built into this electric desk include collision detection, a child lock, an energy-saving mode, soft start and stop, and four memory positions. Assembly is required, but the desk comes with the required tools. For someone who needs a corner-style, L-shaped desk with plenty of workspace -- who also wants to quickly switch from sitting to standing -- this extra-large desk is ideal. 

What to consider when buying standing desk

An adjustable desk should complement your workflow -- not force you to change your habits. Here are seven things to consider when choosing a standing desk:

Size of your workspace: The size of your workspace should be the first determining factor. While you probably want the largest desktop space possible, the desk needs to fit properly within your work area, so measure the space before you buy.

Size of the desktop space: Your primary options include a full-size office desk, a more compact desk or an L-shaped desk. What's considered a full-size office desk will typically be 48, 60 or 72 inches long, by 30, 48 or 60 inches wide. Consider what you'll keep on the desk (such as a computer) and how much space that equipment will require.

Manual or electronic height adjustability: Some standup desks are designed to stay in a fixed position. There are also manually adjustable desks that can be raised or lowered via a hand crank. We recommend investing in an electric adjustable desk. These use either buttons or a lever that you press to automatically raise or lower the desk quickly and quietly with zero exertion. Because the height adjustment process is smooth, there's very little chance of accidentally disrupting whatever is sitting on your desk.

Desk quality and durability: Especially if you have an expensive computer or other higher-end gear, you want that desk to be sturdy. Construction quality and materials should be taken into consideration.

Ease of assembly: Most adjustable desks require assembly. Plan on spending an hour or two putting it together. In most cases, the tools you need are included. If the desk manufacturer publishes instructions online, review them before you buy the desk to ensure it's a project you can handle.

Available accessories: Most standing and adjustable desks offer optional accessories, such as desk drawers, a keyboard drawer, cable management system, laptop computer riser, a separate cup holder or an integrated power strip. 

Cable management options: Ideally you want some type of cable management system that'll eliminate clutter and let you to minimize the number of wall outlets you use.

Do I need a standing desk or adjustable desk?

An adjustable desk makes it easier to create a truly ergonomic workspace that can help eliminate neck, shoulder, wrist, arm and back pain. Anyone who spends more than six hours a day at a desk should consider investing in an adjustable or standing desk to reap the physical and psychological benefits they offer.

By simply adjusting your position for about 15 minutes every hour, you can burn an extra 50 calories per hour, help to improve your posture, boost your productivity and enhance your mental focus. 

Of course you'll want to combine your adjustable desk with a desk chair suitable for your height and weight. We're huge fans of the Herman Miller Aeron office chair, for example. However, as a standing desk, to get the most benefit from it, ensure it's set at the perfect height for your body, based on what type of work you'll be doing. 

Three best standing desk accessories

Boost productivity, reduce clutter and get the most out of your adjustable desk with our favorite accessories. 

Cable management system: Designed to be installed under the desktop, a cable management system can help reduce cable clutter. Cables stay organized and out of sight. Some desks also offer an attachable power strip, so you can power multiple devices (such as a computer, monitor and mobile device chargers) directly from the desk and have just one power cable going from the desk to a nearby AC outlet.

Desk drawer: Having one or more easily accessible drawers can help to reduce clutter and provide easy-access storage for the smaller items you use most often.

Keyboard drawer: If you use a desktop computer, you'll want to set up the monitor at eye level, while using a keyboard drawer to position the keyboard at an optimal height for maximum typing comfort. You might also find it necessary to add a monitor stand on the desk surface to set the monitor at an optimal height and viewing angle. We're fans of the Artifox Lift (because of its quality and design), but there are plenty of other monitor stand options.

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