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2 Drivers, 2 Stories About Highway Shooting

MESQUITE (CBS 11 NEWS) – Two men are telling two very different stories about what led up to a shooting that played out on the side of a North Texas highway.

Chris Young, a mall security guard, admits he fired as many as 15 shots into the car of an unarmed man along I-635 in Mesquite.  The 23-year-old says he flashed his security badge moments before he fired his gun.  Young says as he left his job at Town East Mall around midnight on Monday, he noticed another driver acting erratically on the road and mentioned it to his friend on the phone.

"Told him some crazy dude, a white male with fuzzy hair in a Saturn, just tried to run me off the road and he just almost hit my new car," says Young.

That other driver was Marcus Scott, who told CBS 11 a different story from his hospital bed.  

Road Rage survivor

"He was all over the road. He was going to hurt somebody," says Scott.

Scott believed Young was driving drunk, so he followed him and called police.

But Young says he thought Scott was threatening him.

"He drove in front of my car, stopped in front of it, causing me to almost run into him," recalls Young.  "I took my badge off my security belt to basically get him to leave."

Moments later, the two cars stopped on the interstate and the off-duty security guard unloaded 15 rounds into Scott's car.

"As he leaned to the right, it appeared to me he was reaching for a weapon, and I felt, 'Hey this could be it for me here.'  I fired my weapon."

Young says thought he only pulled the trigger three times.

Scott took a bullet in the head, but is recovering in the hospital.

Young was arrested for aggravated assault. But, he's defending his actions and insists it was not road rage.  Police did not find any evidence he was drunk.

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