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It was an awkward moment on the winner's podium at the Tour de France for Stage 2 winner Vincenzo Nibali.

As he took to the stage to receive the yellow jersey, he kissed the model on his right after she gave him a bouquet of flowers. When he leaned into the model on his left and puckered up – he was denied!

He tried to play it off and then kissed the stuffed lion the model handed him.


A North Carolina mom was temporarily banned from Facebook after she tried to post a picture of her 2-year-old daughter.

Jill White says she was just trying to copy the famous Coppertone ad, which shows a little girl's bare bottom exposed as her swimsuit is being pulled down.

She posted a photo of her daughter in the same situation on Coppertone's Facebook page. Within hours, Facebook flagged the photo, saying it violated its terms on "nudity and pornography," and asked white to take it down.

White blew off the warning and later discovered she had been temporarily banned from the site.

She took down the photo and posted an edited version. She says Facebook informed her if she posts the original photo again, her account will be deactivated.

She says there is nothing sexual about the photo - and was upset she was forced to take it down.


The Schlitterbahn in Kansas City will soon open the world's tallest and fastest waterslide, but until now no human has experienced it.

The slide, called Verruckt, was supposed to open months ago but it has been delayed several times.

The Verruckt is 168 feet long with a 50-foot drop. The slide's designer and engineer strapped themselves to a raft for the first ride.

Riders can travel up to 65 miles an hour after climbing the 265 steps to get to the top.

About a week ago, another video showing sandbags racing down the slide was posted on YouTube.

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