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Technology Jobs Are On The Rise In Dallas

Technology moves our world forward. With new phone apps to make our life on the go easier and advancements in computers becoming the size of watches, jobs in technology are booming in the DFW area. Dallas is a top player in the game of technology giants against Austin and California.

Social media management wasn't a career option 20 years ago. Now, positions in social media rank high amongst emerging jobs in the 21st century. Also positions for those that create infrastructure for business hardware and software are on the rise. Defense contractors, private corporations, schools, hospitals and hospitality all run on computers and want the best people to help them grow.

People with advanced degrees are best poised to take advantage of DFW's job growth.

According to U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, newly created jobs were made in the business and professional services areas.

"The technology market is very competitive and every employer looks for the one thing to set you apart. Having a master's will help you to advance your career in the right direction by enhancing your skills and employability," said Vijay Shankar Venkatachalam a technical account manager at AppDynamics. At AppDynamics, Venkatachalam helps customers utilize application intelligence software to monitor, manage, and optimize complex software environments to meet their business needs.

James Bandy, CEO of Brainband, a technology services company that provides wireless Internet services for large venues at Dallas' Fair Park as well as provides instructional design and production of courses for online education companies, said, "A master's tells others that you have a higher level of competency. It takes a lot more effort and self-initiative to get a post-graduate degree. You have to want it. You have to go get it."

Craig Hicks who works as a solution manager for Sabre AirVision In-flight Onboard Catering and Provisions, which offers "web-based, fully integrated in-flight business solutions," said, "Getting the master's makes you much more competitive in the marketplace."

Robin D. Everson is a native Chicagoan who resides in Dallas, Texas. Her appreciation for art, food, wine, people and places has helped her become a well-respected journalist. A life-long lover of education, Robin seeks to learn and enlighten others about culture. You can find her work at 

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