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Some North Texas Businesses Opt To Drop Mask Policy Early

GRAPEVINE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - This weekend, some shops and restaurants around North Texas are embracing the freedoms that Gov. Greg Abbott is granting early, choosing for themselves how they want to operate.

"I am not sure why Wednesday will be the magic day? It's not okay before but after it will be okay? I am just going to let people make that decision for themselves," said Cydney Sullivan of Roses on the Vine in Grapevine.

She says telling customers to wait four days to take off their mask isn't feasible. Other business owners say the same.

"I said 'you must wear it, or you must leave.' Now I can't do that anymore. There's no teeth. What do you say?" said another business owner, Sylvia Helton of Ooh La La Boutique in Grapevine. "The fact that we can make our own rules is good."

Some businesses on Saturday said protection from COVID-19 should be up to the customers.

"We had that period where we were fighting with the customers, 'put on your mask,' they didn't want too… that was a nightmare. I would much rather let the customers do what they want," Helton said.

The ability to choose their own approach is something mom and pop shops have been waiting for, but some are worried their new policies could be a double-edged sword.

"On one hand, we are hoping we get more business. On the other hand, we don't want things to get worse," said Paul McCloskey of Three Egg Muffins.

It's finding balance that still keeps business alive that they say is the hardest part.

"If someone says 'Oh I wish everyone was wearing a mask...' I mean I can't force them, anymore. I could before," Helton said.

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